Delaware Auto Exchange proudly supports our community.

For over 15 years the Delaware Auto Exchange has been a proud sponsor and supporter of the Delaware State Fair's Livestock Extravaganza. Children of all ages show their livestock each year, here are a few pictures from 2016's event.


It's more than a sponsorship to us

"As a local company it means everything to us to support our community by sponsoring different charities and organizations. My father Ron has always been a huge supporter for this event for 15 years and it was an honor to continue the legacy of awarding the Overall Champion last night"- CJ Faison: Delaware Auto Exchange's VP

livestock sponsorship.jpg

These kids have passion

"I stood in the crowd and watched the entire event and I was so impressed with the work ethic these kids have. It's extremely hot in the show ring, but none of them lose focus and they are passionate about what they are doing. This event teaches them ethics that will take them far in life"- CJ Faison