Tips for Public Buyers

There are so many times when a public buyer will come up to me on the night of the auction and ask "what tips do you have for me before I buy a vehicle?". So I decided to sit down today and give general tips and tricks of the trade to make the buying process more comfortable for you.


Tip #1 Always ask questions

When you are in the auction lanes it can sometimes be loud and hard to understand the auctioneers. There is a ringman in every lane that controls the "floor" and that is the person you can ask questions to. Another general tip is if you have a question about the vehicle, ask the seller who is standing up on the auction block beside the auctioneer. That seller owns the vehicle will answer your questions concerning it.

Tip #2 Do your homework

With so many car websites out there telling you the value of the vehicles, you can be sure to access important information such as the suggested price of them. You will always find the the prices of the vehicles at our auction are significantly lower than "Retail" prices you would pay at a car dealership. That's because you are buying at the same place the car dealers buy. It's not a secret, you save money.

Tip #3 Be confident when you bid

Our auctioneers are trained professionals who have many years of experience in the business, they understand that bidding is intimidating. Once you are sure you want to bid on a vehicle, raise your hand straight up in the air and acknowledge the auctioneer and he will take your bid.


I hope that these simple tips help you out for your first time here at the auction. I always love hearing feedback from you readers, so if you have any questions I can answer in my next blog post please comment below!

-CJ Faison, Vice President- Delaware Auto Exchange